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Did you know that strong negotiation skills can significantly impact your earning potential, contributing to an increase of up to 5% over a lifetime? Negotiating effectively is a prized asset beyond the bargaining table in the competitive job-hunting world.

It is pivotal in shaping how you present yourself on your resume. In this blog, we will explore the crucial role of negotiation skills in the professional realm and guide you on strategically showcasing these skills in your resume for maximum impact. 

Importance Of Negotiation Skills In Your Resume

Negotiation is more than just a means to secure favourable terms; it demonstrates that you could be able to communicate effectively, solve problems, resolve conflicts, think strategically, and drive positive outcomes. Let’s see why mentioning good negotiation skills in your resume matters:

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Demonstrates Effective Communication

Negotiation skills showcase your ability to communicate persuasively, concisely, and with clarity. Effective communication is a fundamental requirement in most professional roles, and your negotiation prowess provides tangible evidence of this crucial skill.

You have the opportunity to apply these skills not only in traditional business negotiations but also in diverse fields such as real estate.

In your resume, emphasise instances where your communication skills were pivotal in reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Whether it’s resolving conflicts or closing deals, highlight your ability to articulate ideas and navigate discussions.

Proves Problem-Solving Aptitude

Negotiation inherently involves problem-solving. Employers value individuals who can assess complex situations, identify key issues, and devise creative solutions.

Your negotiation skills on the resume signal your aptitude for resolving challenges.

Examples of your ability to navigate complexities and find innovative solutions will effectively highlight your problem-solving prowess that employers need to see.

Detail specific scenarios where your negotiation efforts led to problem resolution.

Highlight the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the positive outcomes achieved. This paints a vivid picture of your problem-solving capabilities.

Showcasing a variety of negotiation scenarios that demonstrate your proficiency in handling diverse challenges, can help you stand out.

Illustrates Conflict Resolution Proficiency

The ability to manage and resolve conflicts is highly valued in any workplace.

Good negotiation skills are testaments to signify your capacity to navigate disagreements, to ensure that you find common ground, and foster collaborative solutions—a vital trait for maintaining a harmonious work environment.

You should share experiences in your resume where you successfully mediated conflicts or facilitated resolutions. You can outline your steps to diffuse tension and emphasise the positive impact on team dynamics or project outcomes.

Showcases Strategic Thinking

Negotiation involves strategic thinking—anticipating the other party’s moves, understanding underlying motivations, and adapting your approach accordingly.

Employers seek individuals who can think strategically to achieve long-term goals.

Describe instances in your resume where you employed strategic thinking during negotiations. Highlight your ability to assess situations, plan your approach, and adjust tactics based on changing dynamics. This, to help you reinforce your strategic mindset.

Drives Positive Outcomes

Ultimately, negotiation skills are about achieving positive results. Employers want candidates who can deliver tangible, measurable outcomes.

Your negotiation skills showcase your ability to navigate discussions and highlight your impact on achieving favourable results.

Incorporating these soft skills in your resume summary reinforces your potential as a valuable asset to prospective employers.

Quantify the positive outcomes of your negotiations whenever possible. Whether it’s closing a lucrative deal, securing advantageous terms, or fostering beneficial collaborations, use numbers and metrics to highlight the concrete impact of your negotiation skills.

Incorporating these points into your resume will effectively communicate the multifaceted nature of your negotiation skills, providing employers with a clear understanding of the value you bring to the table.

How To Put Negotiation Skills In A Resume

When aiming to showcase your negotiation skills on your resume, a strategic approach can be significant in enhancing your chances of standing out.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Review the Job Description: Analyse the job description to identify specific negotiation skills the employer is seeking. Look for keywords related to negotiation, such as “conflict resolution,” “communication,” and “deal-making.”

  • Reflect on Professional Experiences: Recall instances in your professional history where you demonstrated negotiation skills. Consider situations where you successfully resolved conflicts, secured favourable terms, or facilitated agreements.

  • Create Accomplishment Bullet Points: Transform your reflections into concise, accomplishment-focused bullet points. Each bullet point should highlight a specific negotiation-related achievement. Aim for clarity and relevance to the job you’re applying for.

  • Align with Job Responsibilities: Match each bullet point to a key responsibility outlined in the job posting. This alignment directly connects your past experiences and the position’s requirements.

  • Use Action Verbs: Start each bullet point with a strong action verb that vividly describes your role in the negotiation process. Action verbs add dynamism to your resume, emphasising your active involvement.

  • Quantify Impact with Metrics: Incorporate concrete metrics to quantify the impact of your negotiation skills. Whether it’s a percentage increase in revenue, cost savings, or successful project completions, providing numbers adds credibility to your accomplishments.

5 Ways To Highlight Negotiation Skills In Your Resume

In this part, we will explore five simple ways to ensure your ability to negotiate shines through on paper.

It’s not just about saying you’re good at it – it’s about showing how you’ve used this skill to get things done.

1. In Experience Section

When listing your work experience, strategically integrate instances where negotiation played a crucial role.

It’s important to include these impactful negotiation experiences in your work history, and here are some strategies to help you effectively showcase them.

Describe how you applied your negotiation skills to overcome challenges and achieve positive outcomes.

Rather than vague statements, highlight specific achievements resulting from your negotiation efforts. Quantify the impact whenever possible to provide tangible evidence of your effectiveness.

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2. In Achievements Section

Create a separate section in your resume specifically for achievements from your negotiation prowess.

Showcase any awards, accolades, or noteworthy recognitions received directly from your effective negotiation skills.

Whenever possible, quantify the impact of your negotiations in this section. Use concrete numbers and metrics to underscore the significance of your achievements.

A well-crafted negotiation section in your resume is instrumental in highlighting your proficiency and setting you apart.

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3. In Skills Section

Clearly list negotiation skills in the dedicated skills section of your resume. Use a straightforward format, such as bullet points or a separate column, to make these skills easily noticeable. Integrate strategic keywords related to negotiation, such as “mediation,” “conflict resolution,” “deal-making,” and “strategic negotiation.” This helps your resume get recognised by applicant tracking systems (ATS) during the initial screening.

When you incorporate these keywords, it enhances the visibility of your proficiency in negotiation, benefiting both parties in the hiring process.

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This concise list not only serves as a quick reference for recruiters but also ensures that your negotiation skills align with the keywords commonly sought in job applications

4. In Reference Section

Request references from colleagues, superiors, or clients who can specifically vouch for your strong negotiation skills. Ensure these references highlight instances where your negotiations had a significant and positive impact. Seek references from different sources within your professional network to provide a well-rounded view of your negotiation abilities. This diverse range of perspectives enhances the credibility of your skills.

When seeking references, cover letter should emphasize your attention to detail, ensuring prospective employers take note of your well-documented negotiation prowess.

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Incorporating such references strengthens your resume by offering real-world endorsements of your negotiation skills, providing prospective employers with a deeper understanding of your capabilities.

5. Create A Dedicated “Negotiation Skills” Section

Develop a dedicated section in your resume solely focused on your negotiation skills and experiences. This allows you have a platform to elaborate on specific examples and provide a comprehensive overview of your negotiation capabilities.

Take advantage of this section to delve deeper into particular instances where your negotiation skills made a significant impact. Provide context, outline challenges, and emphasise the positive outcomes achieved through your negotiations.

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Creating a dedicated section ensures that your negotiation skills receive the most attention they deserve, offering a focused narrative that clearly communicates the depth and breadth of your expertise.

Best Way To Create A Resume

Customise your resume for each job application by emphasising experiences and skills most relevant to the specific role. Tailoring ensures that your resume resonates with the requirements of the position.

Sales Executive 

Accomplished Sales Executive adept at negotiating and closing deals to drive revenue growth. Proven track record of securing favourable terms and building lasting client relationships through effective communication.


Results-driven Manager skilled in negotiations, ensuring successful collaborations with clients, team members, and stakeholders. Capable of achieving win-win solutions for both the organisation and its partners.

Customer Relations Specialist

Customer-focused professional with strong negotiation skills. Excels in resolving issues, managing expectations, and ensuring customer satisfaction through effective communication and fair agreements.

Project Manager

Project Manager experienced in negotiating contracts to optimise terms and reduce costs. Proven ability to ensure project success through strategic negotiation and effective stakeholder management.

Team Leader

Accomplished Team Leader skilled in negotiations to foster teamwork and achieve project goals. Capable of resolving conflicts and driving positive outcomes through collaborative and effective communication.

Conclusion: Understand Your Negotiation Skills’ Power

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Use numbers and metrics to quantify your achievements wherever possible.

This adds substance to your resume, providing tangible evidence of your impact in previous roles.

Employ dynamic action verbs to convey a sense of achievement and initiative. Replace passive phrases with active language to showcase your proactive approach in various roles.

Aim for a concise and well-organised resume.

Recruiters often skim through resumes, so make every word count. Eliminate unnecessary details and focus on presenting key information in a clear and digestible format.

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