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Picture yourself in the waiting lounge of an office, confident and prepared to ace that job interview with your articulate responses.

Fast forward to a board meeting where you are addressing the directors to inform them about your new innovative product idea.

Wondering how this will happen? With advancements in technology, AI-powered tools, and virtual reality, numerous mobile apps have been made available at the tip of your fingers to improve your communication skills.

These apps do everything from providing you with 5-minute exercises to giving a detailed analysis of your communication skills.

In this blog, we will introduce you to a treasure trove of mobile apps to improve several aspects of your communication skills.

Best Apps To Improve Your Communication Skills

For improving a skill, there is ideally a 4-step process you need to follow – Practise Activity, Understand Analytics, Work on Feedback and Repeat.

This is what you need to do to improve your communication skills as well. Practise speaking, understand your problems and then work on the feedback.

Below is a list of 4 mobile apps, each to practise, analyse and provide feedback on your communication skills.

Ready to dive in? Let’s roll!

  • Apps For Practising

1. Rhetoric

Rhetoric is an app designed for those who shiver by the name of public speaking. This app is inspired by a board game of the same name created to improve your communication skills.

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By using fun colours, easy-to-follow rules and a simple board and dice methodology, this app has created a new way to develop communication skills.

You roll the dice, move around the board on your app and complete the challenges prompted by the app.

This app helps you learn how to use quotes, proverbs and analogies while communicating, how to give an impromptu speech and how to deal with the fear-induced anxiety of speaking.

2. Activate Your Voice

Activate Your Voice is an app that is designed for practising speech and warming up your voice before the speech. This app focuses on strengthening your voice, giving it more resonance, and ensuring your words are clear and confident.

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If you want to work on your enunciation and voice modulation, this app provides you with multiple 5-minute exercises; each focused on a new aspect of communication skills.

It provides exercises for improving your pronunciation, shifting between words while speaking and techniques for enunciating the right words. It is extremely easy to use and highly effective in your daily life.

3. Paltalk

Paltalk is a virtual space designed to help you engage in video and voice conversations with people from all corners of the globe.

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This app is a live chat room that allows you to practise your communication skills with a diverse audience while staying anonymous. You can use this app to join a chat room or host a public room yourself and brush up on your language skills.

Paltalk provides a platform to break down language barriers, help you understand different communication styles, and a way to adapt to various cultural nuances.

Paltalk is one of the best apps to practise your communication skills.

4. Samsung BeFearless – Fear Of Public Speaking app

Samsung #BeFearless is a campaign launched by Samsung in 2016 with the aim to help you overcome common fears such as fear of heights and public speaking through Virtual Reality technology.

Within this ecosystem of apps, the Fear of Public Speaking app is your go-to guide so you can improve your communication skills and work on your nervousness.

This app uses VR technology to create the best computer-generated environments and situations where you get an opportunity to speak.

This app offers interactive modules such as school, college and corporate – provides challenges such as ‘give a valedictory speech’ or ‘make a sales pitch’ and tips to help you build confidence so you can communicate with impact.

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You can use this app to overcome stage fright and become more persuasive.

With its immersive content, it aims to develop public speaking from a daunting task into an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth – an overall communication skills builder.

  •  Apps For Analysing

1. Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst analyses the pitch of your voice, tone, and modulation, providing valuable insights into your speaking style.

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You have to record your voice on this app, and it will provide analytics with respect to minimum and maximum pitch and volume of speech. It allows users to set specific targets and work towards them. Voice Analyst guides you towards vocal excellence.

It’s like having a personal vocal coach right in your pocket and most helpful for salespersons, teachers and storytellers. It is a comprehensive brain training app to boost communication skills.

2. ELSA: English Language Speech Assistant

When it comes to the English language, pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency can be tricky beasts. ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an app designed to help you master these complications.

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Using advanced speech recognition technology, ELSA analyses your speech while you speak and provides real-time feedback on your pronunciation, helping you sound more like a native English speaker.

It contains lessons on improving vocabulary and fluency that you can learn and implement to improve your English communication skills.

It is an AI-powered app that you can use if you want to prepare for competitive exams like IELTS as well.

3. Ummo

Umm, like, you know – filler words can sneak into our speech without us even realising. Ummo is the app that helps you banish these pesky filler words and make your speech more polished.

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A user has to record their speech on the app, which will notify the user every time a filler word is used. It keeps track of these fillers and gives you the power to replace them with better words.

Not only that, but Ummo also shows you a written version of everything you said. This helps you spot if you’re using certain words too much. Plus, it helps you see how fast or slow you’re talking.

It’s the perfect tool for those aiming to eliminate distractions and make their message more concise and impactful.

4. Like So

Like So is your go-to app to bid farewell to those pesky fillers. It has two models: FreeStyle and TalkAbout.

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In FreeStyle mode, you can speak on whatever topic you want to, read an essay, etc. While in TalkAbout mode, you have to talk about a topic assigned to you by the app itself, and this speech will be impromptu.

Then, the app will provide a real-time speech analysis and give detailed metrics of all the filler words you have used during your speech. With interactive challenges and progress tracking, Like So can improve the fluency of your speech.

  •  Apps For Feedback

1. Orai

Orai is an app that refines your speaking skills by providing real-time feedback. This app generates word and sentence prompts, which the users have to read aloud, after which the app provides feedback on their performance.

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From filler words to pace and tone, Orai meticulously analyses your speech, helping you learn holistically.

This app also boasts a practice mode for honing specific speech scenarios like a presentation, any public speech or a product launch.

2. Speeko

Speeko is another app with voice recognition technology that you can use if you want to improve your communication skills. This app focuses on enhancing your articulation, ensuring your ideas are communicated with precision and impact.

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The app contains an extensive library of challenges that the users can undertake.

With each challenge, this app allows you to record your voice and provides in-app feedback on speaking speed, articulation, filler words and voice modulation.

Moreover, with personalised speech exercises and progress tracking, Speeko turns the journey to eloquence into an engaging adventure.

3. is one of the most advanced AI-powered web tools to provide feedback on your verbal and non-verbal communication cues.

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Poised integrates with your virtual conferencing tools (such as Zoom), observes your communication during the entire meeting and generates a feedback report at the end.

Its feedback includes clarity of speech, speed, filler words, level of engagement and use of body language.

Through interactive lessons and feedback, the app helps you project confidence, maintain eye contact, and master the art of body language – essential elements in effective communication.

4. GoReact

GoReact is a cloud-based video feedback app that helps people improve their speaking skills. It’s particularly popular for education and training, but it can also be used by individuals for professional communication.

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You need to record your voice by speaking on any topic, using your webcam or smartphone and upload the same to this app.

GoReact makes your video available on the cloud for all other users, mentors and instructors to review and provide feedback on your speech.

Through its advanced technology, this app is able to provide personalised and tailored feedback to improve your communication skills and speaking skills.

This list of 12 apps can help you develop into an experienced speaker and negotiator. Many people face problems related to their English vocabulary.

They find themselves out of words while speaking or repeating a few words several times, or the right word just does not click at the right moment.

That is why we have created a bonus section for you right below to expand your vocabulary using these two simple mobile apps.

  •  Apps For Vocabulary

1. Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

The Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh is a mobile app designed to elevate your language skills by systematically expanding your vocabulary. One of the app’s strengths lies in its extensive word database.

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It covers a broad spectrum of words, from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The app employs the tried-and-true flashcard technique, presenting users with words, their meanings, and example sentences.

Reinforcing the learned words, Vocabulary Builder incorporates quizzes to test your retention and provides extensive data tracking to monitor your progress.

2. Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate offers a holistic approach to language skills, including vocabulary building. This app provides personalised challenges targeting language skills and vocabulary-focused exercises as part of daily brain training.

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It boasts a ‘daily challenges’ feature that keeps learning consistent and is designed to adapt to your skill level. It also provides English language improvement and grammar training exercises.

The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills proven to boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence.

Conclusion – The Best App Overall

We have listed a total of 14 apps to improve communication skills divided into four categories: practising apps, analysing apps, feedback-providing apps and vocabulary-building apps.

These apps are the best in the market compared to their competitors, and if used wisely, they have the competence to bring drastic changes to users.

However, if you’re looking for one best app of them all, it is not possible because each one covers different aspects of communication skills and speaking skills.

So, start with an app like ELSA or Metronome and identify your areas of improvement. Then, move to feedback apps like Speeko or GoReact and make a list of actionable steps you can take to improve your skills.

Lastly, use the practice apps to keep practising. Just remember, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

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