Rishabh Bhandari

Rishabh Bhandari is the Content Strategist at Kapable. Rishabh likes to transform complex ideas into captivating narratives relatable to the target audience. He loves telling stories through his content. He believes that stories have the power to shift mindsets and move mountains. He has 3 years of experience in educational blog writing and copywriting.

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In our fast-paced world, conveying your thoughts and ideas clearly and listening actively is incredibly important. To put it in perspective, 73% of recruiters believe
Are leaders born or made? This age-old question has puzzled minds for generations. The truth is leadership is a skill that can be mastered by
Have you ever paused to assess your own leadership qualities? What if you are struggling to communicate a clear vision to your team, unintentionally micromanaging
When it comes to defining leadership theory, it is like the instruction manual for leadership. It's the tool that helps us understand the inner workings
Alright, so what's leadership anyway? It's not about being the boss and giving orders. It's about being the one who guides, inspires, and brings people
A good project leader doesn't merely dole out project management tasks. They are the heart and soul of the project, the guiding light that inspires,
What makes a great leader? The question has captivated minds and fueled countless discussions throughout history. The quest for effective leadership is a timeless pursuit.
Have you ever marveled at how some leaders effortlessly navigate through diverse challenges, while others seem stuck in a single leadership style, no matter the
Have you ever wondered why some people are such good leaders? You know, the ones who can guide a group well and motivate everyone. Do
Change management in leadership skills is the compass that ensures a smooth transition from the old to the new, from the familiar to the unfamiliar.
Imagine two tech giants, Apple and Microsoft, competing in the fiercely competitive world of consumer technology. While they share a similar playing field, their trajectories
Have you ever wondered what truly drives a team forward? How do leaders ensure tasks are not only completed but completed efficiently? These questions often
Imagine if there was a better way – a way to lead that change based on what's needed. That's where situational leadership comes in. Situational
Have you ever been in a situation where decisions were made without asking your opinion? It's like being handed a map without a chance to
In the vast ocean of business, where waves of challenges and opportunities constantly come and go, have you ever wondered how a team leader navigates
Have you ever encountered a leader who sparks motivation and unlocks their team's untapped potential, propelling them to extraordinary achievements?
Have you ever wondered what sets effective leaders apart from the best managers? "Leadership" and "management" are often used interchangeably.
Ever felt like your colleagues don’t really get what you’re saying, or you’re missing out on important information at work? Well, a big part of
Have you ever considered why some teams succeed while others can’t seem to get their foot off the ground? The answer often lies in the
Did you know using public speaking skills on your resume can improve your chances of bagging your dream job by 70%, or is it a
Did you know effective communication in the workplace can lead up to a 70% increase in productivity? Communication is essential for society, as it connects
Have you ever looked at someone—a public speaker, a politician, or a friend—and been amazed by their unwavering confidence? Their communication skills
Have you ever wondered how some people can easily capture everyone’s attention and inspire a whole room of people? Step into the world of public
Imagine having an audience that listens to every word you say with fascinated attention. Doesn’t this sound like a dream? This is the power of
Did you know it takes 7 seconds for someone to make their first impression of you? Seems scary. Well, here’s the good news! You can
Did you know 75% of the population fears public speaking? That means more than 200 million people feel nervous about talking to others. It is
People will go on a jungle safari or jump from a plane but speaking in front of an audience? That's when they start sweating! Just

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