Muskaan Oswal

Muskaan is a Content Developer and Soft Skills Trainer at Kapable, driven by a profound passion for fostering personal growth and empowerment. With a strong academic foundation in Psychology and a fascination with organisational and counselling Psychology, she brings a deep understanding of human behaviour to her role. With a genuine commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential, Muskaan strives to make a lasting impact by nurturing essential life skills and fostering a sense of empowerment among all those she interacts with.

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Mastering the art of presentation goes beyond speaking fluently or crafting compelling slides. It requires an understanding of the nuances of communication, the power of
In every aspect of your life, there will be certain do’s and don’ts such as ‘Do help others’ and ‘Don’t use firecrackers’ or ‘Do lead
How many times in a day do you feel the need to develop your communication skills? There are numerous situations where communication skills play a
People these days don’t have time to read book-length emails, nor do they have the patience to scroll through badly constructed blogs for “buried” points.
At its core, self-confidence is more than a mere belief in oneself—it’s a psychological phenomenon. Confidence by those who study the subject is “the degree
Would I be able to do it? Am I making the right decision? Do I belong here? If you find yourself often asking such questions,
Ever wondered if there’s something missing in how we learn? In the busy world of school and studies, do you ever think that maybe there’s

On This Page Paul Martin Lester once rightly noted, “We live in a visual-intensive society.”…

The ability to be self-confident is a journey of personal development that can profoundly impact your life. It is the foundation for success in various
Getting the job isn’t just about what’s on your resume—it’s about talking the talk. Our guide is here to help you understand why nailing your
Self-confidence and self-esteem – we often use these terms interchangeably, but are they the same? Self-confidence and self-esteem are two sides of the same coin.
Self-confidence is a psychological force that quietly orchestrates the symphony of our lives. To truly grasp its essence, we need to explore its intricacies. At
Do you remember playing a game of charades? The game requires you to act out a character, place, or movie title while your team tries
Do you remember the game of Chinese Whispers? It involved whispering a message from one person to another and ultimately comparing the initial and the
Have you ever wondered what separates a truly remarkable leader from the rest? What makes them stand out in the crowd, navigate challenges easily, and
Do you ever find yourself admiring someone else’s confidence and thinking, “I wish I could be like that”? Well, guess what? You absolutely can! Believing
According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 85% of successful people attribute their achievements to self-confidence. Self-confidence is one of the most trusted
We all have moments when our self-confidence wavers. For some, it can be short-lived nerves before an important presentation or meeting, and for others, it
Reflect on a recent decision you made. Were you confident in your choice, or did you rush into it without fully weighing the pros and
Confidence is often considered to be a key trait for success. From a young age, we’re taught that believing in ourselves is fundamental to achieving
Are you the kind of leader who micromanages every task assigned to your team members, or do you find it easy to let your co-workers
What qualities come to your mind when you think of a charismatic leader? A captivating speaker, an individual who exudes confidence, or someone who seems
In a world where leadership has often been synonymous with power and control, a different leadership style has been gaining momentum - one that prioritizes
Leadership is not just about guiding a team or organization towards success; it’s also about doing so morally and socially responsibly. The key to doing
Leadership is an art that goes beyond mere guidance and control; it embodies inspiration, empathy, and the ability to propel a team toward shared goals.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if we suddenly lost our communication ability? Imagine a world where we couldn’t talk to each other or
A poll conducted on over 1400 employees and executives by Fierce, Inc. showed that 86% of people believe ineffective communication is the underlying reason for
“Congratulations, what an impressive presentation! We loved it.” Always wanted to hear these words? In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, the power of public
What if Martin Luther King gave a presentation on his dream, or your colleague was pitching a new proposal as a speech addressed to a
Barack Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi…Wondering what they all have in common? These inspiring visionaries wouldn’t have made an impact

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