Ashish Agarwal

Ashish is a content writer at Kapable. A dynamic lawyer, experienced educator and content writer, he blends his legal expertise with a flair for storytelling. He has a passion for writing compelling articles and strives to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to diverse audiences. He is dedicated to writing on contemporary topics and topics related to soft skills development. His articles showcase a deep understanding of the topic and reflect his commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity.

More from Ashish Agarwal

Let’s give you a situation to understand negotiation and influencing skills - you are the senior HR in a company hiring a new member for
Worried about using your negotiation skills in the workplace? In a major global research, Huthwaite found that 65% of people working in an office structure
Oral presentations are a powerful medium for conveying information, influencing opinions, and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. If you are a student, professional,
“A widescreen iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone, and an internet communications device” is how Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. Impressive, isn't it?
The modern world has seen economic recessions, failed leaders, pandemics followed by loss of lives and rising inflation, urging everyone to ask, “Are our leaders
Have you heard about Richard Branson? Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur and head of Virgin Group Ltd., displayed commendable negotiation skills during his Virgin Island
These are the words of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time. He has said this on several occasions - in his
Communication is not just about words; it goes beyond verbal expressions. One significant aspect that plays a crucial role in our daily interactions is our
Would you ever think that the glamorous cast of the TV show Friends faced difficulty negotiating their salaries? It is true, and in fact, all
How often you will find yourself using negotiation and persuasion skills to get your job done? Isn’t it almost every day? From persuading the kids
Ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you could have gotten a better deal? Maybe you purchased a mobile phone and found out
Have you ever wished, “Only if someone suggested some negotiation tips, I could close my deals effectively”? If you did, you are not alone. Negotiations
The festive sale is here, and customers are crazy about it. You are the sales manager of a huge retail textiles chain and have been
Have you ever been in a job interview, a sales pitch or an investment deal and felt - How can I improve my negotiation skills?
Swami Vivekananda, a respected spiritual leader and philosopher, played a pivotal role in introducing the philosophy of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world. His
Imagine your company has been invited for an investment opportunity on a reality show such as Shark Tank, and you are ready with your negotiation
Picture yourself in the waiting lounge of an office, confident and prepared to ace that job interview with your articulate responses. Fast forward to a
Think about a Pastor at a Church - he has no financial or professional motivation to be a leader. Then, is he a leader? Jesus’
Have you ever seen senior leaders walking to their boardrooms and wondered what happens in these meetings? Have you ever aspired to be in one
Do you feel successful people are born with self-confidence? Is it easier for them to navigate the challenges of their life? If you think this,
Being a leader isn’t always easy. Leading others, being in charge of a group, facing various responsibilities, decision-making pressures, and the need to navigate complex
Do you ever wonder, when a company makes a major change, who is behind this change? When the business climate changes, who gets to work
Walmart is a company based in the United States with operations in over 50 countries. So, is Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, a global
From the Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi to Indra Nooyi, history is filled with women known for their self-confidence and courage. As a strong and powerful
Are you a leader who likes to frame a strategy and stick to it until the goal is reached? Or do you like to be

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