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Multiplier Skills for future-proof leaders

Leadership Acceleration Program to enhance

Confident Communication

Strategic Thinking

Workplace Skills

Loved and trusted by Professionals from

Be Heard. Be Noticed. Be Remembered.

Become thought leaders and confident communicators through our customized acceleration programs.

Fast, Fluent & Structured Thinking

Leadership & Team Management

Negotiation & Persuasion

Confident Communication & Public Speaking

Power Presentation & Storytelling

Influence & Charisma

Why Kapable

1:1 Sessions

Designed after evaluation & goal mapping sessions with experts, tailored to your needs

Small Group Sessions

Meet industry leaders, learn with collaborative peers. Batch size capped at 5 per group.

Personalised Curriculum

Every session is designed keeping learners pain points, challenges, context and goals in mind

Granular Feedback

Formative and Summative assessments complemented with session snippets and summaries.

Integrated Approach

Live sessions, Masterclasses, Pre Recorded videos, Reports, Practice drills, and community access make it a complete learning ecosystem.

Program Outcome

Develop Essential Skills to Lead, Communicate, and Adapt for
Career Success with Our Leadership Acceleration Program.

Program Outcomes

Develop Essential Skills to Lead, Communicate, and Adapt for
Career Success with Our Leadership Acceleration Program


Enhance your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others.


Strong communication, strategic thinking and a commitment to continuous learning & growth.


Discover your authentic voice and learn to influence and inspire others.


Thrive in the face of change by developing strategies for adaptation and growth.


Learn to plan, execute, and manage complex projects with effective easee.

Master Cognition, Communication & Collaboration

Structured industry vetted curriculum

Live sessions with

Practical experience through real-life projects

Small Group


Engaged peer

How It's Going









How To Get Started


Application Form

Start by filling out the program application form on our website. This will help us understand your background, experience, and leadership goals.


Discovery Call

After receiving your application, our team will contact you to schedule a discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the program in more detail.


Evaluation Session

If the program is a good fit for you, we'll schedule an evaluation session. During this session, you'll participate in a one-on-one evaluation with a member of our team. This will help us understand your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.


Course Registration

Once you've completed the evaluation session, you'll be ready to register for the program. Our team will provide you with the registration materials and help you complete the process.


Onboarding & Goal Setting

After registration, we'll provide you with an onboarding package that includes program materials, a course schedule, and instructions for accessing our online learning platform. We'll also help you set personal goals for the program and identify the specific skills you want to develop.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program about?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program is designed to help seasoned professionals enhance their leadership skills, develop advanced leadership competencies, and expand their professional network. Led by experienced industry professionals, the program aims to support participants’ personal and professional growth and help them make a lasting impact in their organizations and communities.

What kind of skills will I develop through this program?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program helps participants develop advanced leadership skills and competencies, including strategic thinking, decision making, and team building. The program also focuses on enhancing self-awareness, expanding professional networks, and improving career advancement opportunities. Led by experienced industry professionals, the program provides a practical and hands-on approach to learning.

Is the program delivered online or in-person?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program is primarily delivered online, with participants accessing the program materials and sessions via a dedicated online learning platform. However, the program also includes a few offline mixer events to facilitate networking and engagement among the participants.

How will I be assessed and evaluated during the program?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program will use both summative and formative assessment methods to evaluate participants. Formative assessments, such as self-assessments, peer assessments, and feedback from program facilitators, will be used to provide ongoing feedback and support throughout the program. Summative assessments, such as projects and case studies, will be used to evaluate participants’ overall performance and skill development at the end of the program. These assessments are designed to help participants apply their learning and demonstrate their skills, as well as to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their overall performance.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program is 1.2 Lakhs + GST. This fee covers the program tuition and materials, as well as access to program events and resources. It does not include any additional expenses that may be incurred, such as travel or accommodations for offline mixer events.

Who is eligible for the program?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program is designed for seasoned professionals who have at least 8–10 years of experience in leadership roles and are looking to enhance their skills and competencies to take their careers to the next level. The program is typically not suitable for early-career professionals or those who are new to leadership positions.

How long does the program typically last?

Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program has a duration of 4 months, with each month focused on developing specific skills. The program also includes pre-work, assessments, and post-program activities to support learning and application of new skills.

How is the program structured?

Month 1 focuses on developing thinking skills, Month 2 focuses on speaking skills, Month 3 focuses on working skills, and Month 4 covers all of the above skills to help participants integrate their learning and enhance their overall leadership capabilities.

Will I receive a certificate or recognition upon completion of the program?

Yes, participants who successfully complete Kapable’s Leadership Acceleration program will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate is a recognition of the participant’s successful completion of the program and their development of essential leadership skills. It can be added to the participant’s resume or professional portfolio as a tangible demonstration of their commitment to ongoing professional development and leadership growth.

Can I receive financial assistance to attend the program?

Yes, Kapable offers financial assistance options for learners who require it. We have no-cost EMI options available with select banks, and our team is constantly working on providing more options to support our learners. Please contact us for more information on available financial assistance options.

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